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Will the veterans have their day?

A big decision faces Nottingham City Council’s planning committee this afternoon. Do they approve the University of Nottingham’s plan for a new £2-3 million sports centre as it is? On the face of it, it sounds an easy decision. New … Continue reading

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Hit the Road Jack

The usual mixture of triumph, alarm and gnashing of teeth greeted the publication of the Government’s Roads Investment Strategy earlier this week. Strong reaction to the laying of an additional 1,300 miles of tarmac was heard from both sides, with … Continue reading

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Wood Wise: birds in focus

The UK’s iconic woodland birds have suffered declines in recent years – particularly woodland specialists… This edition focuses on the issues affecting them and work being done to support and better understand their needs. Woodland management requirements for birds and … Continue reading

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Are we making progress on better protection for ancient woodland?

As we head towards the Easter break there is a real feel that spring is properly here, although it’s perhaps a little too early to talk of summer (climate change notwithstanding). But, in those places where an institutionalised approach to … Continue reading

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Ever decreasing circles… the Government appear ignorant of their failure to protect our ancient woods

Our recently launched campaign urges Government to increase protection for our irreplaceable ancient woodland. It is aimed at David Cameron and identifies eight low or no cost measures that could quickly be put in place to set this in motion. … Continue reading

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Stories from the Campaigner’s Postbag

We love to hear from our supporters – each month we receive hundreds of messages about concerns for locally cherished woods and trees which come under threat from the bulldozer.  If you are worried about a tree or a wood … Continue reading

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A “Domesday Book” for Scotland’s woods: real insight into the condition of Scotland’s native woods

For decades the Woodland Trust has championed the value of Scotland’s native-woodlands to the Scottish Government, the Forestry Commission, councils, landowners, and agencies such as Scottish Natural Heritage. To their credit, many of them did not take much persuading, but … Continue reading

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