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Assistant Conservation Adviser, Woodland Trust. Nature is my passion, especially woods and trees which are just amazing elements of life. One day (soon) I hope we humans learn to work in harmony with Mother Earth.

Nature is good for us – time to return the favour

Good news this week – more people in England are getting out into nature and more recognise and feel the health benefits this offers. But while people clearly value nature, they are not necessarily willing (or able) to take positive … Continue reading

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First aid for pollinators but what about the rest?

This week the Government produced their long awaited National Pollinator Strategy. It’s surprisingly good; collaborative and informative – although if you really want just a quick guide to what you can do for pollinators can I recommend the Bees’ Needs … Continue reading

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Our forgotten wildlife haunt

Our hedgerow network tells a rich story of the UK’s rural past. Many hedges are ancient and might have existed for thousands of years: some simply mark the former woodland edge where a field was cleared from the “waste” for … Continue reading

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Wood Wise: birds in focus

The UK’s iconic woodland birds have suffered declines in recent years – particularly woodland specialists… This edition focuses on the issues affecting them and work being done to support and better understand their needs. Woodland management requirements for birds and … Continue reading

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The key to survival

The latest Forestry Commission assessment of the spread of ash dieback (caused by the fungus Hymenoscyphus fraxineus, previously called Chalara fraxinea) shows a consolidation of the wider environment outbreaks in the North East and North West, with the “front” continuing … Continue reading

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A future for nature?

Nature is essential for all life on Earth. Its intrinsic value should be built into humanity’s thoughts and actions, so it is not corrupted by consumer preferences. Our view of nature Our cultural history has shaped what we perceive to be … Continue reading

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Power to tackle invasions

Through the proposed Infrastructure Bill, we may soon be given more means to tackle the invasive non-native species (INNS) damaging the natural environment. Along with climate change and habitat destruction, they are one of the biggest global threats to biodiversity. … Continue reading

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