What a year we have had campaigning for woods and trees

What a year 2013 has been so far. We have launched an incredible 15 campaigns in the last 12 months! These have ranged from small, short-lived actions (like the Nature in Education campaign to keep woods and trees on our children’s learning agenda), and supporting localised issues (like the Perth Academy tree), right up to complex, jargon-filled, consultation-based campaigns (like the Biodiversity Offsetting campaign) to protect natural spaces, and – most recently – fast-paced, urgent petitions to ensure there will be grants for tree planting in the future.

We have had to work fast to battle threats to woodland from government policy, both at a local level and centrally, as well as from development itself. Woods and trees can really be taken for granted and undervalued. But with your help, over 70,000 individual actions have been taken for woods and trees this year. And that’s not including whatever you may have done yourself, outside of our campaigns, to fight for the woods you love, to raise awareness of threats and get involved in the issues they are facing.

What a fantastic show of support for what we have all been working so hard for – a UK rich in woods and trees enjoyed, and valued, by everyone. 

Together we have fought off developers to protect precious woodland and vulnerable trees; made sure that the fate of ancient woodland at risk from HS2 has been on the top of the media’s headlines and within Parliament, and after pushing hard, finally started to see action for England’s public forest estate. And those are just 3 of the amazing outcomes for woodland that we have seen over this year.

Sometimes we haven’t managed to get what we wanted for woods and trees, and in many cases it may be some time until we see a final outcome. But overall, it’s been a pretty darned good year. And it’s been especially wonderful to see so many of you taking part in our actions and sharing your views on the blog  and – crucially – letting other folks know about our campaigns so they can take part too.

Please do keep in touch online @woodlandtrust and pop over to our Facebook page to catch our best woodland photos, tips and treats during the holidays. And remember to check out our new-look website for all the woodland news and to get inspiration for woodland walks and more, too.

To send you off feeling festive, I thought you’d enjoy a photo of a rather unique Christmas tree from one of our Creative campaigners, Lynn Mottram – thanks Lynn!

Image: Lynn Mottram

Thank you again for being the voice woods and trees so badly need. Whatever your plans, I would like to wish you all a very merry festive break, and a peaceful and successful 2014.


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5 Responses to What a year we have had campaigning for woods and trees

  1. Ash says:

    It certainly has been a busy year but the battle to save & protect what is left of our woodlands must continue. As the population of these small islands grows there will be yet more pressure to develop & change the landscape.

  2. Derek West says:

    We need to educate most of our politicians,tell them nature is important !.

  3. Peter Kyte says:

    Keep up the vital work, so that nature does not keep on coming second to human greed.

  4. Roderick Leslie says:

    Well done to all, at Wt for what has been a very testing year. It is so good that we have all come together after the hiccups over forest sales and now have the ultimate ‘rainbow alliance’ across grassroots campaigners, the conservation sector and the forest industry – all out there to save our trees. If it looks like an uphull struggle, fighting more and more threats, we should take heart from the fact that we are suceeding in holding back the tide – Forest Services and with it the main voice for woodlands in Government – looked doomed until we mounted the campaign to save it – and every time people are stirred by issues to do with trees it is building the new Woodland Culture called for by the Independent Forestry Panel. Maybe for trees and woodlands the darkest hour IS just before dawn – lets hope so and keep up the tremendous effort, WT.

  5. Sadly there will always be so much more to do so let’s have a great break and get ready for another year of successful campaigning in 2014.

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