Stories from the Campaigner’s Postbag

No day is the same for the Woodland Trust Campaigns postbag.  Received are a mixture of queries, notifications, musings and general creativity! From requests for advice on threats to local woodland to inspired campaigning poetry the postbag can turn up some interesting success stories. And often it is where our national campaigns begin….

The overwhelming theme is, of course, passion and concern for woodland. We really appreciate the time you take to get in touch with us and endeavour to assist everyone in their efforts to protect their local woods and trees.

In the last couple of weeks there has been a range of queries from supporters facing threats to local woods and trees. We have also heard from a number of local campaigns to protect green spaces.  It only takes a glance at our inbox to see that the UK planning system is failing our natural environment and precious habitats including ancient woodland. Here is a great example of a current campaign led by a community.

Graywood, East Hoathly

Graywood, East Hoathly

Graywood, East Hoathly

A group of local residents contacted us about a threat to Graywood, East Hoathly. They are concerned about plans for a campsite in Graywood- an ancient bluebell wood.  The planning application includes proposals for a toilet and shower block on site. Local residents have been busy collecting signatures on the doorstep and outside the Village shops on Saturday mornings.  Alerting us to this threat meant that we could support the fight by submitting our own objection to the planning application on the grounds of the impact to the ancient woodland. Interestingly the application was invalidated at the eleventh hour. We will remain vigilant with the local group in-case of a re-submission.

You can help the local community to protect Graywood by signing their petition.

If you are concerned about local woodland you can let us know here.

Alongside the activity surrounding local threats to ancient woodland the Postbag is daily filled with the passion and energy which fuels us to keep woods and trees on the Government’s agenda.

In the last few weeks the postbag has been fattening with your responses to our campaign on the Biodiversity Offsetting Consultation. We’ve asked you to tell Defra exactly what you value about your local habitats, so this is considered in any new ‘offsetting’ scheme – or “Offset THIS!” Here are just some of our favourite responses so far:

“…the sense of continuity and age in the green areas in my locality.”

“….. to be able to take my grandchildren to play in rich, wild (to them), multi-layered, diverse, beautiful and memorable places where they can climb trees, dam streams, pick blackberries, make dens and marvel at beetles and butterflies.”

“Fresh air after a day in the city; can’t put a price on that.”

“The “value” for me… is being able to walk in woodland full of diversity at the weekend after working in a busy office all week. This is the real “economic” benefit to me and probably millions of others each week.”

Can things like this really be ‘offset’?  What do you value about your local habitats? You can add your voice to this debate here before 7th November!



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