Danny Alexander MP says he is listening…

Just two weeks ago we launched a campaign entitled ‘Dear Danny’. It was a campaign conceived in the back room of a local café in Grantham between a few colleagues who had realised that with a Spending Review looming and all the noise that would build up around it, we needed to send the Treasury a reminder of the huge value for money that trees and woods provide.  

We needed to make an impact. With everyone shouting for their pot of money to remain as untouched as possible in such tough economic times we had to be really visible. So we created a special note – a play on the iconic banknote for you, our supporters to send to the Treasury.

Email or post your note straight to the Treasury today

The Woodland Trust’s play on our iconic note that caught Danny Alexander MP’s attention

Each note had a tear-off message for Danny Alexander MP, Chief Secretary to the Treasury and we did this in two ways – electronically via email and ‘old skool’ with a paper version for those who prefer not to use email.

Since we launched on 7th June you have sent 1,209 emails to the Treasury, many of which include your own personal messages. But it’s where we have gone ‘old skool’ that this campaign has really come into its own! The Treasury has also received 4,001 ‘notes’ – and we have the copies to prove it back at Woodland Trust HQ. You can see them piled high in our mini movie about your responses.

With over 5,000 ‘Bank for Woodland’ notes flying around, we received feedback from Mr Alexander’s office on June 19th that both emails and notes are being received and that “your message has been heard”. Danny Alexander’s Chief Secretary has confirmed to us the campaign has been put in front of Mr Alexander. On June 21st, we closed our campaign. 

Woo-hoo! You have been such a loud voice for woods and trees that you are being heard all the way to Danny Alexander’s desk. To everyone who took the time to take part in this campaign we want to say a huge thank-you!

While your notes were being sent direct to the Treasury the Woodland Trust did not rest on its laurels. We knew we needed to do our bit too and back you up in your call to the Treasury. We secured time with key individuals at the Forestry Commission and at Defra as well as a full 1/2 hour meeting with Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne’s Special Adviser at the Treasury. A trip to the Treasury was a first for us!

The Spending Review is expected on June 26th and we have yet to see what the future holds financially, for our woods and trees. But remember, every penny saved in that pot is because of you. Once again, we are indebted to you for your amazing support, so I’m going to shout it to the tree-tops this time – THANK YOU!


About Nikki Williams

Head of Campaigning for the Woodland Trust
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6 Responses to Danny Alexander MP says he is listening…

  1. Great that he’s been listening (we can shout quite loud when we want to), now let’s hope for some action. Excellent campaign – well done.

  2. Peter Kyte says:

    It was a great idea and it appears to have worked.

  3. Rod Leslie says:

    Nikki, that is really great – and lets remember that it’s not a begging bowl we are holding out but the economic as well as environmental route to the future, with the potential to heat 1/4 million homes, create over 10,000 new jobs and save the Nightingale as we bring more of our ancient woods into sustainable management.

  4. Jacquie Cox says:

    Well done everyone! It was an ingenious campaign and fun to participate in.

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