The Future of Forest Services: Joint letter to the Secretary of State

Today’s edition of the Daily Telegraph features a letter signed by organisations including CONFOR, the Woodland Trust and Our Forests calling on DEFRA’s Secretary of State Owen Paterson to ensure the future of the Forestry Commission’s regulatory and advisory arm, Forest Services, as a separate organisation to take forward the challenges of protecting, improving and expanding England’s woods into the future.DT 3Apr13

This comes after my previous blog and ahead of next week’s stakeholder meeting to discuss DEFRA and FC’s thinking so far. We’ll keep you posted!

Please let us know what you think below, or comment on my previous post – we will take your views with us to the meeting next week.

Hilary Allison, Policy Director


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10 Responses to The Future of Forest Services: Joint letter to the Secretary of State

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  3. The link in the text above seems to point to a different Telegraph letter. Full text, together with a list of all signatories, can be found on the following facebook site.

    • argylesock says:

      I was confused by the link too, but if you scroll down the Telegraph page you find the letter about forests.

    • Kaye Brennan says:

      Yes, argylesock has your answer, our letter was one of several on the Letters page – the image shows it in full but if you scroll down on the link you’ll see it. Thanks for the Facebook link too

  4. Peter Kyte says:

    We all need to be vigilant, this government only thinks in terms of financial benefits (to the few) and sees no aesthetic value in anything.

    • Kaye Brennan says:

      You’re right Peter, and this is perhaps an unlikely mix of organisations which are standing together to call for a safe future for FS – which for me makes it that much stronger. We must make sure this collective view is taken into consideration in any plans.

  5. Of course we need to retain Forest Services. They don’t just look after Trees, but put on all kinds of activities, including holidays, to help educate the public. Without an informed Nation we have little hope of preserving our ancient and other Woodlands. This Government will destroy our countryside if we stand by and let it.We must protest.

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