Vote in the Observer Ethical Awards 2013

Are you wondering who to vote for in the Observer’s Ethical Awards this year? Following on from Nick Atkinson’s recent post on the Woodland Carbon Code, our colleague Joanne has a suggestion for ‘Retailer of the Year’:

Carrylift supports the important work of the Woodland Trust. They are a prime example of how the Trust’s Woodland Carbon scheme is enabling companies to mitigate their carbon emissions and lead the way in providing carbon-free products.

carbon truck imageAs the first and only forklift truck company in the UK to commit to locking up the lifetime carbon dioxide (C0²) emissions of its LPG trucks by creating more than 100 acres of new woodland, Carrylift is a good example of a company with ethical values at the forefront of its thinking. Over time this will remove 17,475 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere!  Because of their forward-thinking attitude and actions to help preserve the environment, we have nominated Carrylift as our ‘Retailer of the Year’ at this year’s Observer Ethical Awards. Through our Woodland Carbon scheme they are dedicated to locking up the harmful C0² emissions they create.

If you think this deserves an award too, please vote by 22nd March.”


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