People Power CAN help our woodlands

“Well done”, perhaps not the first thing you would expect to hear someone saying to the local community groups and others that today received the news that the High Court has rejected 9 out of their 10 objections to the HS2 High Speed Rail Scheme.

Thirty three ancient woodlands are threatened by HS2.

Thirty three ancient woodlands are threatened by HS2.

While today’s news is indeed extremely saddening for those involved, particularly given the hours, finances and resources they have already invested, the message of “well done for standing up for your communities” should not be forgotten.

Here at the Woodland Trust we believe that listening to the local communities is vital as Government presses ahead with the HS2 proposals. We are already engaging with many local groups, working together to help ensure that each community is aware of the threat to their ancient woodland while providing them with the tools and resources to help make the best out of what is happening.

So while today’s ruling does bring us a step closer to the possibility of ancient woodland and trees being cut down, our message to the local communities is remain upbeat, keep pushing and we will stand with you, for the sake of the irreplaceable habitats involved.

To learn more about today’s ruling you can read the Government’s press release and more about how your ancient woodlands are threatened by the proposed HS2 route.


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10 Responses to People Power CAN help our woodlands

  1. Roger Pawling says:

    Why are ancient woodlands given the same protection as grade one listed buildings?
    Both are irreplaceable.

  2. Peter Steward says:

    Our country is still run by big business for profit , until there is a change of government, nothing will change. These companies will ruin our country side.

    • Oliver Newham says:

      Many thanks for the comment Peter, I think we are all agreed that protecting our countryside and in particular our ancient woodlands has to be a top priority of any government.

  3. Mickie says:

    I think that’s very true. We need to keep campaigning and signing petitions and writing to our MPs. Our environment and ancient woodlands can never be replaced. They should be of paramount importance. How can they possibly spend £32billion when we are facing extreme austerity measures? It is obscene.

    • Oliver Newham says:

      Thanks Mickie, the more people that become aware of what is happening and speak up for our ancient woodlands the better our chances of being heard.

  4. Peter Kyte says:

    HS2 is as much a political project as it is economical and one that the government is pushing for its perceived benefits also a test of its political authority. The interesting point politically is the fact that most of those effected will be Tory voters and if the project is pushed ahead, could amount to political annihilation for the party at the next election. I do agree that the more people there are that mount legal challenges the better.

  5. Ste Dodd says:

    i live in warrington and there is a local woods called cows wood,at the moment its carpeted by snowdrops,hotly perused by daffs and a myriad of bluebells.there is also a local development.on the developers map cows wood does not is a wonderfull place and it would be criminal to loose it.the wood is situated across a meadow over from radley plantation which is also a woodland trust site.i have posted many pictures of both woods on your visit woods page i also run a website on facebook with many more photographs,i hear stories of developers turning up before people object and destroying sites like this making it too late to do anything.can you help or advise in this matter kind regards Ste Dodd this is my web page

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