HS2 – A Route Long View

Yesterday a group of 32 transport planning experts, backed by the Transport Planning Society and the Royal Town Planning Institute wrote an open letter to Patrick McLoughlin the Transport Minister. This letter sets out that they do not believe that the economic gains promised by HS2 and major road building schemes are as great as the government are promising. The letter states that the evidence base being used is simply not strong enough to support this economic argument.

This expert evidence supporting the view that HS2 will really bring us little economic benefit, came on the same day the Chiltern Society published a DVD showing exactly what we stand to lose if the scheme goes ahead. 

Ancient woodland at Park Hall Nature Reserve, near Birmingham, is under threat from HS2

Ancient woodland at Park Hall Nature Reserve, near Birmingham, is under threat from HS2

The DVD, produced by Keith Hoffmeister with commentary from ‘As Time Goes By’ actor Geoffrey Palmer OBE, follows the whole length of the 140 mile route from London to Birmingham. From inner city homes near Euston to the beautiful ancient woodland of rural England this DVD shows the whole gamut of both human and environmental loss. The DVD includes some stunning shots of ancient woodland which cannot help but make you realise what is a stake here.

Here’s a little taster of the DVD: http://www.chilternsociety.org.uk/hs2/ – to see more please go onto the Chiltern Society website to purchase a copy of the DVD.

If it has given you the urge to kick off your slanket, brave the snow and get out into your nearest wood, then VisitWoods can help you find sites nearby: http://visitwoods.org.uk.

Victoria Bankes Price, Planning Adviser


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