Inquiry live – end of week three

Katy tells us how things went at the end of week three in Maidstone, when the local residents had their say:

Oaken-Wood“Friday (14th December) was for the third party representatives, in which people in the local community had a chance to have their say.

As you can see several members of the local community picketed outside Oakwood House before entering to either give evidence or to support those that gave evidence. It was a packed house with people having to sit outside the room!

Image: WTPL/N.Williams

Banners outside the Inquiry

11 people gave evidence, four supporting the plans and seven people speaking against the proposals. Supporting arguments included the sawing of Ragstone to site to determine the quality, that a continued supply of Ragstone is essential for historic buildings. Opposing arguments comprised of issues including the frequency of blasting, the concern that blasting may cause damage to resident’s properties, air over pressure and turtle doves that are present in a garden adjacent to the proposed site.

Tuesday (18th) will be the closing statements, and we will also be told by the Inspector how long it will likely be until his report with the recommendations is written, and then it will all come down to the final decision by the Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.

We will keep you updated…”

Katharine Rist, campaigner – ancient woodland

Just a few days remain in this Inquiry – keep up to speed by ‘following’ Woodland Matters and watching this link.


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