Inquiry live: day six

The details keep coming at the Oaken Wood public inquiry:

Oaken-Wood“Wednesday’s session covered two witnesses; our witness for Quantity and Quality of Ragstone and Hassock Reserves, and Kent Wildlife Trust’s witness for the Ecology of Oaken Wood.

The morning’s sitting covered the Ragstone and Hassock section of the Trust’s evidence. The witness covered various topics, such as the tests that have been carried out on the reserves to determine the quality, the yield of Hermitage Quarry and neighbouring Blaise Quarry and also examples of some of the historic buildings that rely on Ragstone.

When our witness had been cross examined and the planning inspector had concluded his questions it was the turn of Kent Wildlife Trust’s witness.

Kent Wildlife Trust’s witness was examined on subjects such as the concentration of ancient woodland indicator species on site, the invertebrates recorded on site and also the mitigation/compensation that has been proposed.  This session had some very interesting questions posed by the inspector – such as whether any ancient woodland indicator species will be visible at this time of year. Unfortunately the answer was that at this time of year it is very difficult to see any ancient woodland ground flora.

Tomorrow (Thursday 6th December) we will be on the last two Woodland Trust witnesses, covering the landscape assessment of the site in the morning. Our final witness will be covering the principles of ancient woodland.

We finished the day by deciding that Friday would most likely be a site visit; however this is always open to change, so as usual…

 We will keep you posted!”

Katharine Rist, Campaigner – Ancient woodland

Keep in touch with the final few days of this Inquiry by ‘following’ Woodland Matters and watching this link.


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2 Responses to Inquiry live: day six

  1. Good luck to the Woodland Trust. Save our woodlands.

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