Inquiry live – day three

It’s a half day for ‘Team Oaken’ today, with proceedings taking a break this afternoon until Tuesday, the gang will travel back to Kent on Monday –  we’ll fill you in on this morning’s events later. Here’s our Katy on what happened yesterday:

“Thursday was another significant day at the Inquiry.  The witnesses for Gallagher were for ecology and the socio-economic case.

The ecological witness was on the stand for over four hours, thankfully for all concerned with several breaks and lunch in between. The witness covered a wide variety of areas, ranging from agreeing that the site is ancient woodland, specifically PAWS, to the fact that ancient woodland is irreplaceable. Also discussed was woodland translocation, the biodiversity value of the site and various other ecological topics. Oaken-Wood

The ecological witness was cross examined by both our Barrister and Kent Wildlife Trust which added a new dimension to the Inquiry. This helped to give a flavour for how it may be for our witnesses next week with Gallagher and Kent County Council both cross-examining them.

In the afternoon we covered the socio-economic case after concluding the evidence from the ecological witness. We managed to cover all points that we wished to raise and found the afternoon productive. Nonetheless, it’s been a tough day.

Friday will only be a morning session in which we are to cover the Gallagher Minerals Planning witness.

We will keep you posted!”

Katharine Rist, Campaigner – Ancient Woodland

Stay in touch with us at the Inquiry by ‘following’ Woodland Matters and watching this link. You can read more blogs from Katharine here.


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2 Responses to Inquiry live – day three

  1. Moray says:

    Well done to the Woodland Trust for getting involved in this. Ancient woodland can’t be rpalced and should be protected from such development. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a positive result.

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