New Bristol Mayor elected

The people have spoken! Bristol has chosen the independent candidate George Ferguson as its first ever directly elected Mayor. Winning by over 6,000 votes, the result gives Mr Ferguson a clear mandate for his three and a half year Mayoral term.

We believe that trees and woods play a crucial role in supporting communities and creating places where people want to live, work and spend their leisure time. We suggested three key questions for our supporters to put to the candidates during the campaigning period. George Ferguson is now in a strong position to address these three issues as the new Mayor.

In his response to one of our supporter’s questions, George said: ‘I fully support the position that conserving treed areas improves both the lives of humans, and the animals we share our green spaces with…..Ensuring better protection for wooded and areas of natural importance in Bristol’s vicinity is also of great importance to my work if elected Mayor.’

In his ‘Vision for Bristol’ George said:  ‘I will grow a greener Bristol, planting more trees and encouraging local food production’.

George also gave his support to the ‘Wild Mayor’ campaign – in which the Trust was a partner along with Avon Wildlife Trust, the National Trust, RSPB and CPRE – which included asking candidates to be proactive in ensuring Bristol’s tree cover is increased to 30 percent.

Image: AWT

Wild Mayor partners invited Mayoral candidates to take 5 pledges for the environment

A good starting point for woods and trees in the future! We therefore now call on George to honour his commitment to grow Bristol into a greener city by protecting and planting more native trees for the benefit of all who live, work and play there. As the regional policy officer for the area, I’ll look forward to working with George and others to achieve his ambitious aspirations for Bristol’s woodland and green spaces.


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One Response to New Bristol Mayor elected

  1. Peter Gruffydd says:

    Yes, great stuff! See Facebook for my comment on the attutude of the Labout party to the elction result.

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