Defra survey – Part II

The long awaited second survey from Defra that will help develop Govenment’s response to the Independent Panel on Forestry’s report is now live.

They would like to hear your views on:

  • What ‘a Forest Services body’ should do and not do 
  • The future funding of the Public Forest Estate  
  • Access to woodland in your neighbourhood
  • Urban tree planting schemes

If you took part in the first survey, Defra have published an overview of the 1,400 responses received on their website.

Looking into woodland

Please speak up for your forests (again) – they are worth it!

Defra recently stated that they have had “dozens” of people sending their ideas by e-mail to them. That doesn’t seem a lot after the initial outcry by so many….

Let’s get some more of those passionate, insightful and practical thoughts over to them before time runs out – the door effectively closes on public engagement in November, in order for the official response to be prepared. 

Taking part in our new Tell Owen action will also put your opinions straight into the Defra Forestry Panel inbox. To help you consider the big picture for woodland cover, access and threats we have produced an infographic for every county in England, so you can see the real picture for woods and trees and the problems they face where you live. You could include this information in your response.

Trees cannot send e-mails or fill out surveys – but you can! Be the voice they need. Please do these two things for the future of England’s woods and trees today.


About Nikki Williams

Head of Campaigning for the Woodland Trust
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7 Responses to Defra survey – Part II

  1. Jacquie Cox says:

    Also completed the survey part duex, and had a few choice things to Tell Owen. I really like the “The big picture for England’s woods” interactive page – info-graphics are a great way to visually convey facts that might otherwise be considered a bit ‘dry’.

    I am not sure about requiring government and land owners to give the public access to their woodland. There are some woods that I think should stay private or out of bounds to the general public, especially in sensitive ancient woodlands where public access would damage to the habitat. In the ancient woodland near to where I live for example, locals have taken to building tree houses, hammering nails into the trees, cutting crown branches and so on. That amounts to vandalism of ancient woodland and a Site of Biological Importance, in a county that is one of the least wooded in England. Protecting ancient woodland should be a priority, not access.

  2. Roderick Leslie says:

    I’d suggest its time to stop surveying and say what they are thinking – knowing as much about this sort of thing as anyone, I not only agree with Clive but strongly suspect that Defra are fishing for some figures to support some particular view they are trying to peddle. This is not a sensible way of going about things and it should stop. Whatever a fishing trip like this trawls up it doesn’t subtract one iota from what has gone before and cannot replace previous ‘free’ views people have put forward.

  3. clive coles says:

    I have sent in my response too but not at all convinced that jo public will understand what DEFRA actually mean by Government body. I certainly don’t ~ no definitions were given. Are they differentiating between Non-departmental Public Bodies (i.e Quangos) and Executive Agencies (i.e part of the Civil Service) ? I could therefore not really decide whether to opt for the A or B solution as I am not currently attracted by the quango solution,

    The trouble with such surveys is that if the question is ill defined you get strange misleading answers. Garbage in – garbage out.

    • Thank you Clive. We are keeping Defra up to date by sending them links to these posts (at their request as they know our bloggers have lots to add to their conversations) so your information will be handy for them. It is also why we set up Tell Owen campaign – because some times we just need to make our point in plain Englaish that are our own words. 🙂

  4. I have filled out the latest survey posted up by Defra and I advise as many other folk to do so too.

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