7,000 feet above sea level you will find the Sequoia National Park in California. I was lucky enough to visit in June this year and see the jaw dropping size and stunning beauty of these trees. Even our enormous ’63 Dodge was reduced to a dinky toy when parked in front of one of these amazing trees.

A giant sequoia making not one but two cars look like dinky toys

From cars to trees – everything in America is BIG!

What trees have you discovered on your travels this year? Send your pictures to and we’ll post up the best.


About Nikki Williams

Head of Campaigning for the Woodland Trust
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2 Responses to Massive!

  1. David Blake says:

    Nikki, did you also see:
    – Thuja plicata as an ancient forest giant instead of a troublesome hedge?
    – companion trees such as sugar pine which are just as impressive?

    Did you see how well presented the great trees are?

    Did you also wish that:
    – our great trees (Savernake, New Forest, Wyre, Sherwood, etc) were as well presented?

    Did you tell a ranger that if he / she visits the UK we could show he / she some REALLY old trees such as the Fortingall Yew?

    You did not have to go around the world to see amazing trees. Perhaps we could see posts about the Big-bellied oaks of Savernake, the great oaks of Windsor and the precious fragments of the great medieval forests of Britain?

    • Hi David
      You are so right! I dont have to travel the world to see great trees, but as I was spending 6 weeks over there visiting friends it would have been crazy not to nip over and take a peek 🙂 as they were so keen for me to see them.

      The trees were wonderfully presented and the info they provide through simple news sheets is wonderfully descriptive. But for me height and width was no substitute for the beautiful, gnarled characteristics of our fine ancient trees. I hope to encourage Jill Butler as our Conservation Advisor for ancient trees (for those out there who do not know her) to add her photo’s of some of the British greats you mention. From my Ancient Tree Hunt days I was always thrilled to see our trees up close and they continue (for me at least) to be the most breath taking.

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