The future of forests is not in The Future We Want


The Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development pledged a renewed focus on sustainability challenges.  By using a holistic framework that addresses economic, social and environment aspects of sustainability, it hoped to rekindle the essence of sustainable development that was a key part of the success of the 1992 Earth Summit.

But you wouldn’t know that from The Future We Want, the final outcomes document from the global summit.  You only need to look at the coverage of forests to see that Rio+20 fell short of finding a way to talk about the complexities of ecosystems and shift how the natural world is valued.

Forests are emblematic of natural capital.  Over 1 billion of the world’s poorest people’s livelihoods depend on forests and they support rich biodiversity.  Without a strong focus on forest ecosystems, we will not be able to find solutions to climate change, food security or better equity…

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About Kay Haw

Assistant Conservation Adviser, Woodland Trust. Nature is my passion, especially woods and trees which are just amazing elements of life. One day (soon) I hope we humans learn to work in harmony with Mother Earth.
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One Response to The future of forests is not in The Future We Want

  1. Renee says:

    Thank you for sharing the importance of trees to our environment and our future..I have tried to convey the connection we all share to our environment with my children’s book from my Nurturing Nature Collection..
    As a former educator of over 18 years I believe change begins with the young..
    Thank you for all you do..
    Books: The Day Mother Nature Decided To Paint Her House
    Winston The Whale And The Blanket Of Darkness
    Stories That Come Alive Through Yoga

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