Trees in the Townscape – 12 guiding principles for urban trees

The Trust was one of the first organisations to sponsor Trees in the Townscape, A Guide for Decision Makers, recognising the crucial role the document would have with those likely to make decisions about urban trees.  The evidence for the contribution trees make to urban life has been building to a crescendo, including our recent publication on trees and air quality. In this latest Trees and Design Action Group (TDAG) guide, Trees in the Townscape sets out 12 action-oriented principles to maximise the economic, social and environmental returns. 34 case studies provide real-life examples of the principles in action, giving insight into best practice from all over England and further afield, including the US and Hong Kong! 

Trees in the Townscape, and TDAG, have already been referenced in the Independent Panel on Forestry’s Final Report, in the surprisingly good section (given the Panel’s remit on forests) entitled “Trees in our neighbourhoods”.  

This guide is the third publication by TDAG, a pioneering group of individuals, professionals and organisations from both the public and the private sectors who have come together to increase awareness of the role of trees in the built environment throughout the UK.  The previous publications, No Trees No Future and The Canopy, are both also free to download. These should become part of the suite of documents used in good planning, indeed the London Plan already states “Boroughs should take … the work of the Trees and Design Action Group into account in producing LDF policies and determining planning applications.” 

The evidence, guidance and best practice examples have been assembled – I’m now hoping these principles will soon become common practice.

Richard Barnes, Conservation Adviser


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