Campaigning with inks, chalks and oils

The ‘Creative’ corner on our website has been quietly amassing an impressive body of work.

There are lots of ways to make a change for the better – from simply raising an alarm and building awareness of an issue, to directly influencing an actual decision.  Another way to bring about change is by inspiring others to think or act differently, and we are certainly seeing plenty of  inspiration from our more creative supporters!

Initially established after a Facebook friend emailed a poem to us, our ‘Creative Campaigning’ area has become the perfect place to show the very different ways our natural world motivates and moves people.  It is now proud host to over 80 very different and original woodland-related contributions – including creative writing and poetry from amateur poets to published authors including one of Scotland’s most celebrated nature writers, Jim Crumley. We have just created new section for haiku, kicked off by poet Juliet Wilson.  There’s classical, folk and protest music and song lyrics, and tales from a storyteller.

Image: WTPL/JMacdonald (click to enlarge)

One fast growing area is the ‘Art and Film’ section.

Home to several short films and animations, when it comes to art this section also includes mixed media pieces, prints on canvas, sketches and drawings using charcoals and oils all in varying styles from realism to abstract.  Mythical images contributed by illustrative artist Pippa Chorley linked perfectly with Michael Frankman’s ‘My Morning Walk’ poetry series – which is now an enduring body of work inspired by an every day routine.

Our WoodWatch campaign works with communities to empower them to protect the woods and trees they care about, and part of this is improving the value our woods and trees are given – especially when it comes to local planning. It’s our hope that others will be inspired by these original contributions to care for their local woods and trees and to take positive action where they are under threat.

Why not take a wander through our creative corner yourself? 

And while you are nearby, please take a moment to respond to our poll about current planning changes as these will certainly impact on how woodland is protected in the future!


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