Still woodwatching at Stansted

It took ten years of campaigning and a change of Government before the plans which threatened 6 ancient woods on the outskirts of Stansted airport were finally put to bed. 

Map showing the impact on ancient woodland of the proposed second runway at Stansted

The Coalition’s ‘Programme for Government’ stated there would be no new runway at Stansted or at Heathrow, where the Trust helped plant the Appleplot orchard with our friends at Greenpeace.  After a very long haul trying to protect communities and the environment from expansion at both these airports, we and so many other campaigners were relieved to think it was finally all over. 

Were we all wrong?

Because despite this pledge, proposed changes to the planning system and a ‘streamlining’ of environmental legislation, alongside media articles (like this, are making me (for one) feel pretty nervous. And they ensure that I’ll remain vigilant while watching movements on airport expansion. 

What do you think?


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