Trees talk money in Birmingham

Great news for local councils: money does grow on trees!

For the third successive year the Woodland Trust has an exhibition stand at the Local Government Association (LGA) Conference, which this year is at the International Conference Centre in Birmingham. 

Our special publication this year is the brand new report, Trees or Turf” which demonstrates how local authorities can save on management costs by converting some of their intensively mown grass to woodland.  The report was undertaken by Land Use Consultants and we expect its message will be of particular interest to council chief executives and leaders (the people who attend the LGA conference), at a time when many of them are having to make big spending cuts and are facing hard choices about spending priorities. 

The ‘trees save money’ message also outlines the direct or indirect cost savings of the broader benefits from planting trees, including:

  • flood mitigation
  • improved air quality
  • reduced energy costs for buildings
  • improved health outcomes
  • locally sourced timber and woodfuel

We are also looking forward to telling delegates about our Jubilee Woods project which aims to create hundreds of new woods across the UK to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen in 2012, including 60 prestigious 60 acre “Diamond Woods”.  

The LGA conference is the most important local government conference for councils in England and Wales and over 2,000 leading councillors and senior officers are expected to attend.  Please say hello if you see us there!

Nick Sandford, Regional and Local Government Officer (North of  England)


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