Woodland Trust Campaigners Silenced!!

Its a rare day in the Woodland Trust campaigning office when silence falls across our small, but perfectly formed team. Whilst trailing through page upon page of the High Speed 2 consultation document, we stumbled across this ‘mitigation’ proposal for the destruction of 21 ancient woodlands and the wider environment.

Once we regained our voices many a caption came to mind but too many involved swear words, so we thought we would thrown this one out to our readers.

Please post your own caption for this delightful example of ‘mitigation‘ on our thread below.

Here is our starter for 10:

Alder thought there’d be at least 1 tree!

Providing no network opportunities other than for network rail! (A sarcastic ecologist wrote this!)

We look forward to your much sassier quips!


About Nikki Williams

Head of Campaigning for the Woodland Trust
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11 Responses to Woodland Trust Campaigners Silenced!!

  1. shirl hicks says:

    Trains or Trees? we decide………………..trees.

  2. Andrew says:

    England’s green & pleasant land is being rendered down to concrete & steel for the sake of those who are too stubborn to move their offices out of London. At least when the Victorians laid out our original rail network, we made all the hardware in this country. Now we have destroyed our locomotive building factories we spend millions of pounds buying the stuff in. Where’s the sense in that? This is not the England I was born into!

  3. Kate says:

    They are completly bark-ing mad for thinking of such a stupid waste of money!!

  4. Steve says:

    Julie says were are ‘jumping the gun’… well the image is used in an official document to illustrate mitigation… perhaps they should have used a different image?

    Thats ‘Tree’ ‘Bark’ing mad examples of environmental vandalism I have read about in as many days. When will the enviornment and the wellbeing of local people directly effected by such schemes be put before the profits of the few?

  5. Julie says:

    Would suggest you all stop and think a bit first. This picture was taken very shortly after construction, no trees, no planting, yet.
    Jumping the gun springs to mind.

    • shirl hicks says:

      when it comes to big business and gov, its good to jump the gun, we people of this land care about our land.

  6. Victoria says:

    I am pine’ing’ for the trees!!

  7. Kay says:

    What a fir-cone beech!

  8. Hayley says:

    Hardly a Fir trade!!

  9. Chris Hickman says:

    What a j-oak…..

  10. Kate Kane says:

    Struggling not to swear. I have been a professional Consultant Ecologist for 4 years and this puts my profession to shame. Whoever you are, go and requalify. You should be ashamed!

    Now, WT – what can we do about this?

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