Elections – Growing the future

The Woodland Trust has launched its election campaigns in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.  We are asking all of the candidates to sign a commitment to protect, expand and promote native woods and trees.

Believe it or not, the UK is one of the least wooded countries in Europe with a mere 12% woodland cover compared to a European average of 44.3%. Despite these figures, the levels of woodland creation remain low.  Tree planting rates will need to increase dramatically if Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are to become rich in native woods and trees.

Image:WTPL/A. Broom

Oakfield Glenn in Northern Ireland

Woodland creation is an essential means of tackling contemporary challenges such as climate change and wildlife loss. Planting new woodland can also improve public health by shaping places where people want to live, work and spend their leisure time.

We are calling on each political party in Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland to adopt the following actions: 

  • Increase native woodland cover
  • Protect woodlands
  • Restore those ancient woodlands degraded by the planting of non-native conifers
  • Inspire people to enjoy woodlands

If a candidate calls on your doorstep during the election campaign (until May 5th) why not ask them how they intend to champion woodland creation if elected? For further ideas on what you might like to ask your candidates or to find out about how you can support our campaign please visit the Trust’s website.  

Angharad Evans, Campaigns Officer Wales


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