WoodWatch + 12

Well what a busy year! WoodWatch is gathering speed, it now has 35 skilled volunteers that are detecting threats and kicking-ass with local councils and developers. Now the volunteers are in place we will continue to grow their numbers to enable us offer more support to local groups fighting development threats to woodland.
WoodWatch can help you fight threats to woods and trees

WoodWatch can help you fight threats to woods and trees

These extra people are in addition to the support we already offer. Earlier in the year we expanded the WoodWatch website, giving both individuals and communities access to helpful and current online resources, expert information and guidance on how to run a successful campaign. There is a step by step approach to negotiating the planning system, how to influence planning decisions and a collection of case studies from real campaigners to share ideas together and help to create a UK wide network . To give groups a helping hand in setting up we also have a WoodWatch small grant scheme available.

All this is designed to help you feel in control of your local woodland. In our experience, a local community group leading a campaign to save woodland is the most effective way to fight a threat. Local authorities are often more open to listening to the voice of their own communities, backed by a national organisation like the Woodland Trust rather than just an organisation in its own right. Believe it or not – you are more powerful than we are!

If you would like to help protect trees and woods by volunteering for WoodWatch please email woodwatch@woodlandtrust.org.uk 

 We are particularly looking for people in the South East – areas like Surrey, Kent and Sussex with loads of woodland and lots of people!

About Alice Farr

Senior Campaigner - ancient woodland
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