Put down your placards and plant trees instead!

Once upon a time the traditional campaigner took to the streets, placard in hand, a hard-hitting message emblazoned across a banner. Making your voice heard in the crowd was all about creativity and the art of grabbing attention.

Now, those placards are being replaced with vision and creativity and even better… trees!  The Woodland Trust has reinvigorated the way you can make your statement for a worthy cause with a brand new campaigning tool – MyView. This simple, online gizmo gives you the freedom to take to the streets in a ‘virtual’ demonstration, using a vintage ‘fuzzy felt’ (remember that?!) -style tool, revamped for the 21st century. MyView lets you redesign the worst grot-spot in your own neighbourhood and see how trees really could transform it, creating the view that would be perfect for you – hence the name ‘MyView’.

MyView - the campaigning gizmo that allows you to campaign on the streets from your PC

MyViews are inspired by the actual landscape outside your window. You can ‘plant’ as many or as few trees there as you like. Why not use it to create a pollution barrier between you and that noisy road? Or bring some natural colour to your drab streets? Or design a haven for wildlife where children can learn and play? 

For every tree that’s already there use MyView to add another! The UK has fewer trees than nearly every other European country; turning this around by doubling native woodland is essential if we are to continue to reap the benefits trees bring and to fight against the effects of climate change. More trees will improve all our neighbourhoods.

Once you are happy with the vision of leafy loveliness that you have designed, you can then add the reasons why you want to see it created for real, loud and proud – for example: 

“Give us clean air and a place to play”, “More trees, less garbage”, “Keep Britain leafy!”, “STOP flooding, plant more trees PLEASE”

Even in the countryside you can go from this....

...to this

It can be this easy to take to the streets and demonstrate in 2010

Don’t believe us? Watch the MyView mini-film and in just 2 minutes, you will see how quickly you can make a difference.
Who’s listening?
The MyView programme sends your new image straight to your local Councillor as an email. Don’t be shy! The Woodland Trust can guarantee that your ideas will not be falling on deaf ears. 22, 000 Councillors from across the UK are on our database awaiting your MyView creations. Already over 200 Councillors have personally told us they want to see what you think and are keen to help you turn your designs for more woodland and trees into reality. Your designs give them a remit to bring tree planting into the wider Council agenda. Better still, because trees can positively contribute to so many social, economic and environmental agendas that are challenging Councils today, they are relevant to several policy areas and offer genuine value for money.

Help to set the trend for tree-d places and green spaces across the UK.

We will showcase our favourite MyViews on Twitter every Monday (#MyViewMonday). But you don’t have to wait to be spotted! Why not promote your new design yourself by posting the unique URL that is created for every MyView on your Twitter page? Don’t forget to also share your MyView on your Facebook pages. You can ask your friends to ‘like’ what you want to see by posting your vision up on your page! And get them to join you by doing their own and posting it onto your wall.

Let’s get started!

Want more trees? Then let’s campaign the MyView way – stamp trees in protest onto your image and show how a lack of trees is affecting your view and exactly how your neighbourhood can be improved.  Demonstrate to your Councillor how trees can create a haven to replace a hell-hole in your town or city. Take action by designing your own green space then demand it is taken seriously by your local authority.

The revolution is here, changing the way people can campaign for change.  MyView time has come.

About Nikki Williams

Head of Campaigning for the Woodland Trust
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One Response to Put down your placards and plant trees instead!

  1. Hartson says:

    There is a Federally funded program here in Hawaii that is called the Kaulunani Grant. Through this grant I have gotten thousands of dollars worth of native trees and ground cover and shrubs. Check with the State Forestry Department in your states. They should also have a similar program. Using the Scouts, the botany students and the Mormons as volunteers, I plan on developing my third project.

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