Rooting for hope in woods around the world

Can the global mess our forests are in be cleaned up? A special news report shows it’s possible.

As the leading woodland conservation charity we don’t tend to stray too far from our UK remit onto the international stage, but of course we keep a keen eye on the bigger picture. It’s this which brings me to highlight to our supporters this special feature about Forests – and how to save them – by the Economist which puts everything into context

Remember in reading, that the UK has its own equivalent to the rainforest; ancient woodland.  Often maligned when looking at the plight of old-growth forests in the media, the UK situation is as dire if not as newsworthy with just 2% of this irreplaceable, uniquely stable habitat remaining – and new cases of ancient woodland under threat from development plans continuing to appear all the time.

There are around 9 articles covering several issues in this special feature, which include interesting stuff for a global and economist perspective on the issues, and some global figures. A key leader from these articles – “there is hope for forests, but mankind needs to move faster if they are to be saved” – is an attitude that resonates with our latest blog post in response to the Lawton Report, too.  Enjoy!


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