Quarrier’s plans for Oaken Wood are mistaken

** Latest news! ** (May 2011)

Sadly planning permission for this application was approved by Kent County Council on 10th May 2011.

The decision is outside the local Minerals plan for the area, as well as against central Government’s planning policy relating to ancient woodland. On top of this thousands of objections were submitted from environmental organisations and individuals from across the UK. Over 33 hectares (81.5 acres) of ancient woodland will be lost forever if plans to extend the existing quarry go ahead.

The application has now been referred to the Secretary of State, Eric Pickles, for his final determination.  We will be asking you to join us in demanding the application is ‘called in’ for further scrutiny.

***  Watch this space! ***

Plans from Gallagher Ltd are mis-informed when they maintain Oaken Wood has little value, as our evidence shows the woodland affected by this quarry extension is more than valuable – it’s an ancient semi-natural habitat!  Now we need your help to convince the decision-makers and save this wood from destruction.

Over 74 acres (that’s around 30 football pitches*) of woodland in Kent is at risk from this planning application.  Since ancient woodland is our bag, so to speak, we know that there is evidence to demonstrate the historical status of this site.  We’re devastated (and not a little frustrated, to be honest) to see an application which questions the status of woodland like this. 

Quarries are terrible neighbours for ancient woodland – sadly this is just one of many cases we have seen which threatens to reduce this precious, irreplaceble habitat to nothing.  Your voice matters; even if you are not a local resident you can still ensure that the decision-makers get the full story and object to the loss of this precious habitat .

What do you think of these plans?  Do you know Oaken Wood? Share your comments below – and please pass this on to spread the word as far as possible.

*Using sizeofwales.com we originally calculated this as 81 and have now amended accordingly.


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7 Responses to Quarrier’s plans for Oaken Wood are mistaken

  1. Dorothy says:

    Everytime I try to write a eply the input vanishes. I wonder if there is a bug which also says “refresh”

  2. Dorothy says:

    Please rectify this error

  3. Dorothy says:

    I tried to add to the letter as requested and where it says scroll down and press Next (to add my comment)there e=was no Next and I was at a loss to know what to do in order to continue. This meant I was forced to go back to the beginning again and found all my details had vanished. I assume therefore that you are losing others who may want to send to Mr Pickles

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  5. Suzi Reid says:

    I used to walk my Dog in Oaken wood eveery Sunday! This Woodland is irreplaceable! He has already destroyed acres of woodland near his quarry site, and i believe ..he built a house (for himself) on it! In Oaken ewood there have been for years growing a Rare Orchid..a Hellborine species..it is only found in this wood. I reported this plant to The Kent trust for Nature conservation years ago. Along with the Bats and Doormice, voles, Screach Owls and other widlife that inhabit this Wood. This has to be stopped. Pat Gallagher is getting too big for his damned boots. He is a destruction team. He will not be able to reinstate ancient woodland..who is he kidding!?!!! He is in fact ruining large parts of beautiful kent woodland.

  6. Hi

    Please note that http://www.saveoakenwood.co.uk has been launched to help people fight to save the wood, it covers other issues that fall outside of the Woodland Trust’s remit – such as noise, vibration, dust etc. and the arguments that the council will (and won’t) consider…

  7. Helen Hunter says:

    Please note that Quarriers is a Scottish Charity providing care for vulnerable people and should not be mistaken by Quarriers.

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