Climate change and a court case prompt some rethinking…

Climate change has made us reconsider our views in relation to two specific issues relating to the UK’s woodlands, and recent decisions in the Welsh courtrooms have made us review our position on one other. The Woodland Trust has a small team of people working on woodland policy issues across the UK, our Position Statements are short documents which summarise current evidence and explain our stance on key issues relevant to our aims.

We’ve just updated 3 of our positions statements for 2010:

  • ‘Species translocation’;
  • ‘Tree provenance’;
  • ‘Bovine Tuberculosis in cattle and badgers’

‘Species translocation’ is the movement of species of plants or animals, by people, from one area to another including introduction, reintroduction and restocking. The term “provenance” is used to describe the location of the population from which a seed or individual is collected.  The bottom line is that it’s vital that, in trying to ensure the rate of environmental change allows the widest biodiversity to adapt and evolve, we don’t inadvertently reinforce genetic restrictions on species capacity to respond.

Background information on bovine tuberculosis in cattle and badgers has been updated to include: a recent appeal court decision on culling in Wales; changes to Defra’s badger vaccine deployment project; and further results from monitoring randomised badger culling trial (the Krebs trial) areas to July 2010.

Have a look at our new pdf versions of these position statements – and do let us know what you think about these topics, too! You can share this post using the box on the right hand side.


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