A small success in a long battle

Remember our campaign last year where we asked you to help us protect Woodland Trust Wood Cwm George and Casehill? Well we  have a small success to report. For those of you that don’t remember we had serious concerns about an extension to an existing quarry that was going to cause the new quarry edge to be within metres of ancient woodland and fairly close to a Woodland Trust site (Coed Cwm George). You can find out more about the campaign here.

A Woodland Trust wood is near to the quarry extension.

We had a number of problems with the application. In our original objection we queried the quality of the survey work carried out and that the indirect impacts of the quarry on the woodland had not been properly assessed (have a look at our ‘Neighbours from Hell’ report if you want to find out more about indirect impacts).  Dormice (which are a European protected species) have also been found in the woodland and hedgerows, the steps taken by the applicant to protect them were woeful.

As a result the planning authority requested further information from the applicant at the end of last year but this has still not been submitted to the planning authority. Obviously a planning application cannot just be kept open indefinitely and eventually the planning authority recommend it for a refusal as there was simply not enough accurate information to make a planning decision on. The application was due to go to planning committee at the end of the June but at the eleventh hour it was withdrawn by the applicant. This is presumably as they do not want a negative planning history to be associated with the development site.

The application is likely to come back in another form – we will be watching out for it but it is satisfying to know that a poor quality application was not allowed to be pushed through the system. Thank you to everyone who has supported us through this campaign, everyone who objected helped to cement the point that the application was inadequate and that there would be harm to wildlife. We couldn’t have got this far without you!

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