We changed the law, now let’s see it work!

Last year with our friends in the LocalWorks coalition, we ran a campaign around the Sustainable Communities Act Amendment Bill. Thanks to some hard lobbying through the coalition the Amendment Bill for the empowering Sustainable Communities Act was passed into law in the final days of Parliament before the General Election was called.  We won!

This Amendment to the Act now makes the Sustainable Communities Act much more robust: the process for submissions is guaranteed to be ongoing and also Parish and Town Councils are formally included. Local Spending Reports are also included which means communities can see how money is being spent in their neighbourhoods.

New woodland creation could be an outcome for communities with this new law

Thank you very much if you helped by lobbying your MP and former government Ministers.  It’s been hard to make this appeal to everyone – sometimes the law just isn’t sexy! – but it was your efforts that resulted in this victory, and it was an amazing achievement seeing the Bill made law given the very tight Parliamentary time frame.

The proposals made under the Act’s first round last year are now before the new government.  We need to urge them to agree these proposals quickly – its been nearly a year since they were submitted and it would seem certain government officials have been dragging their feet…  Once this first round is completed we can see the spirit of this Act take hold and more communities can start to use it to create their own places rich in woods and trees.

Please help us to turn the spirit of this Act into reality today. TAKE ACTION! 

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