Rannoch – planning decision is pending

Perth and Kinross Council have written to all those who have formally objected.

Some of you may have received a letter like the one below in the last few days:

If so, thank you for taking the time to object to the proposed development at Rannoch. This case is the largest threat to ancient woodland the Trust has ever encountered, and now it’s crunch time!

As you can see, the planning department at Perth and Kinross Council (hopefully swayed by our arguments and your support) are recommending that the development at Rannoch is refused. The final decision will be taken on the 16th of June by a full meeting of Councillors.

With the Council Planner’s recommending refusal, we expect that the council will follow their advice, but as this is not guaranteed, all of our fingers and toes will be remaining firmly crossed until then. Should this not be enough, we will also be trying out the more usual methods of influencing the decision, such as attending the morning pre-determination meeting to repeat our objections.

If you are able to come then remember to say hello. If not, we’ll be sure to let you know what happens.


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One Response to Rannoch – planning decision is pending

  1. Eleanor Garty says:

    The woods at Rannoch are an incredibly rich and important respource. Scotland only has a few surviving remnants of our once great Caledonian Forest; it would be a shameful act to damage or destroy even the smallest part of what we have left.

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