Help to remove the harm from hill tracks

We would like to draw your attention to the Hill tracks campaign being run in Scotland.  We support this call on the Scottish Government to “consider greater controls governing the development of vehicle tracks in mountainous areas, and to protect our wild landscapes for future generations”.

The Trust believes that it is essential that we take action to protect our natural heritage for current and future generations, the crux of this campaign.  Currently, vehicle tracks can be constructed in upland areas without any planning permission under permitted development rights – if access is needed for land management purposes, e.g. agricultural or forestry access.

These tracks can be hugely damaging to the local flora and fauna due to habitat destruction, disturbance and fragmentation.  Ancient Woodlands, as a uniquely stable and irreplaceable habitat, are one of the many habitats vulnerable to this type of development.

The group has a petition which urges the Scottish Government to give the issues and mapping of tracks urgent attention by way of reviewing current knowledge of track location and control provisions. 

By signing the petition you will help raise awareness and concern over the increasing construction of hill tracks within our Scottish uplands.

The campaign recognises that Hill tracks are important for essential land management, but  believes that future possibilities for greater control and criteria for such developments have to be considered and encourages debate on the issue, especially the monitoring and control of tracks in protected areas.  Happily progress in this issue is being made, as a debate is due to be held in the Scottish Parliament on June the 9th just after 5pm.  If you live in Scotland you can write to your MSP to encourage them to attend the debate.

Have you signed up to support the campaign, and has your MSP? What is your view about hill tracks and the Scottish coutryside? Please add your comments, and you can share this using the bookmark below.


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