BBC’s Marty Jopson supports our manifesto

Marty Jopson - 'Science Bloke' and BBC The One Show presenter

Marty Jopson - BBC One Show's 'Science Bloke'

The Woodland Trust has dedicated the last 10 years to fighting against the loss of Ancient Woodland. There is no exaggeration in the statement that it is the UK’s equivalent of the rainforest and yet our planning systems have allowed an area the size of Birmingham to be eradicated for ever from our landscapes.

We were really pleased when Marty Jopson – presenter from the One Show (or as he would describe himself, ‘The Science Bloke’) said that he would like to show us his local, favourite wood. He loves this particular wood for so many reasons. It’s a great place to get out in the fresh air with his family and it’s a haven from the bustle of everyday life but its particular charm is its ancientness! This is the key to all the fascinating things that only live and thrive within those woods. Here he can get up close and personal with the wonders of nature at its best.  From the lichens that show him the air is good and clean to putting the ‘fun’ into fungi – he marvels at it all.

As part of a series of films made for the Woodland Trust Manifesto Campaign, Marty reiterates the value of these woodlands to us as a nation. Walk with him in his film and enjoy his take on the wonders of a UK rich in woods and trees, then look around you. You too could have this on your doorstep and maybe you don’t know it yet. Do not leave it until the chainsaws rev up before you notice its beauty and brilliance, instead enjoy it now and cherish it forever.

Sign the Woodland Trust Manifesto (and encourage your friends too) and make sure our next parliament knows that we must protect these valuable havens for wildlife.


About Nikki Williams

Head of Campaigning for the Woodland Trust
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