Trust podcasts its general election campaign with e-politix

Today I discussed the Trust’s general election manifesto with an online Parliamentary communications forum for all those engaged with politics at Westminster. 

Our Government Affairs Officer, Lee Bruce

You can listen to the podcast or read the detailed briefing notes here

As the UK’s leading woodland conservation charity we want to take the opportunity during the run up to an election to emphasise how an increase in native tree cover – whether as woodland or more scattered trees in the landscape – could have a vital role to play in the future in meeting some of the most urgent policy challenges and needs of our society by (for example) regulating climate, aiding water management, alleviating air pollution, storing carbon and enhancing public health.

Our online campaign has been a tremendous success so far with around 2,500 people using the e-mail tool on our website. Notably, this has lead to nearly 8,000 e-mails being sent across the UK to candidates from all parties.  Meanwhile, nearly 1,000 Parliamentary candidates to date have signed our Candidates’ Commitment to work for an expansion of native tree cover, and we hope more will sign the commitment in the coming weeks. We are asking that if elected, signatories deliver on their commitment by pushing for the creation of new native woods and trees in the next Parliament, and press the issue with their Party leadership.

With the election campaign moving into full swing we are calling on the public and candidates to help the Trust push native woodland creation onto the political landscape. You can visit the Trust’s website and use our online tool to generate an e-mail to all the Parliamentary candidates in your local area.  Parliamentary candidates can also visit our website and sign an online Candidates’ Commitment to work for more native woods and trees in the next Parliament.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Please do share your thoughts and comments with us below, and pass this on to your friends and online followers.

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