From Science to Reality… the importance of ‘Growing the Future’

Policy ‘stuff’ always seems to evolve from studies and science. Highly intelligent people studying the everyday folk, seeing how we react, interact and exist within our natural surroundings.  We read about how rains will get heavier and flood where we live… but it can be hard to understand that until you see on TV the woman whose home has been flooded, living in her garden in a caravan with six kids because her insurance wont pay up.  And when we say “trees are not a luxury”, it can sound like a throwaway comment from a passionate charity – after all we are not called the Woodland Trust for nothing!

So the acid test is always when we ask you for your support.  How is what we are asking for – a UK rich in native woods and trees – relevant to you?

The Woodland Trust manifesto campaign kicked off 3 weeks ago. In one weekend 2,000 of you generated nearly 7,000 e-mails to your local election candidates. Most importantly many of you shared your reasons why woods and trees give where you live a sense of quality.  Here are just a couple:

I am 12 years old.  I am at Alcester Grammar School where we are learning about sustainability and one of our class targets is to encourage planting more trees.  Your support would mean a great deal to us.”

“Yesterday’s budget was as much about what it didn’t do as opposed to what it did do – I heard no mention of resources being maintained to protect our environment & fear it will be left entirely to charities like the Woodland Trust to safe guard & increase the natural glory of our countryside.”

And speaking very personally, Rob McBride – self styled Tree Hunter from Shropshire – makes an impressive case for why woodland really does improve our quality of life.  Watch his short film about his battle with his health and how woods and trees turned things around for him.

This is why trees are not a luxury.  Please pass it on to your friends and family using the bookmark below, and you can contact all your local candidates directly here to urge them to make more native woods and trees a priority in the next Parliament. 

Do share your comments with us, too.


About Nikki Williams

Head of Campaigning for the Woodland Trust
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