Broughton Woods saved!

The Planning Inspector announced the decision late yesterday that the fight for Broughton Woods has been won!!! A great way to begin the Easter break :0)

Many residents, local community groups and environmental organisations including the Woodland Trust have been victorious in opposing the proposal to destroy 33 hectares of ancient woodland and damage a further 44hectares near Scunthorpe to make space for an international standard golf course.  After a (very) long public inquiry last year the Appeal by QHotels has been thrown out on the grounds that the ancient woodland would have been damaged and that there was no evidence of need for additional golfing capacity. You can read the full Appeal decision in the Inspector’s Report and get more background to this case here.

An example 'tree belt' at the existing Forest Pines course - note the lack of ground vegetation.

THANK YOU very much to everyone who donated to our fighting fund and helped us with the significant costs of taking this legal fight to a positive conclusion. Your contribution was incredibly generous, raising almost £20,000 which has made a big difference to us. 

Well done to everyone who appeared at the Public Inquiry, and to the local community groups who have fought long and hard for this result – proof that we can make the case for woodland protection using both hearts and minds. 

It might not yet be the end; QHotels have already muttered something about continuing their push for a bigger golf course… We will keep an eye on this and more updates on this will follow soon! but in the meantime check out the local news story here, please pass this excellent news on using the bookmark below – and do share your comments with us on this decision.


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7 Responses to Broughton Woods saved!

  1. jason hughes says:

    I am originally from broughton and used to play in all those woods almost everyday ,i have recently seen a picture took by a friend of some woodland that has been felled and i personally think it shouldnt be happening , especially for an international golf coarse , one day i would like to comeback to broughton to live and let my son play on them woods just like most of the residents of broughton did ,leave the woods alone

  2. Melanie Dale says:

    I wanted to post a picture of what is happening, lots of trees are being felled in Broughton woods near to the village, just wanted to make you aware and ask if you know wether this is just management or just a complete clearance?

  3. Robert Taylor says:

    I’m a dedicated golfer of more than fifty years and also a keen wildlife enthusiast. I feel that any new golf course to be built in the area should be planted with new young trees and allowed to mature. I say keep the ancient woodland protected. Well done for saving Broughton Woods.

  4. Peter Sanderson says:

    NLC Environment Team suggested that a Tree Preservation Order would not help if another planning application was granted.

  5. Doreen Brown says:

    Spoke to NLC planning dept. this morning and they also have heard that Qhotels probably intend to appeal. So continue to be vigilent.


    The woodland trust campaigns got me thinking, and while I was thinking I started to write a blog about it on the Landscape Juice Network horticultural site.

    Keep up the good work.

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