Spring outside for English class

Learning outside ©WTPL/Kate Walters (opens in new window)

An outdoor classroom

How much of your primary school classes do you remember? Not much for a lot of people but most of us do remember the dens we used to build and the places we used to play outside. Lets face it, running around outside exploring fills young people (and some of us older kids) with the most fun in our lives.

So why don’t our kids do more learning outdoors? Why do they spend so much time in hot and stuffy classrooms when there is a wealth of great places for them to learn in outside? Well two weeks ago the Woodland Trust Scotland launched its Woodland Learning Pack in the Scottish Parliament to help spread the word. This free 30 page pack is a resource for teachers and youth leaders of all kinds for that matter. It gives practical ideas about how to get primary school classes learning all aspects of their curriculum outside and in the woods.

We developed the pack in the woods of Livingston with local teachers and pupils and we’re very pleased with it. But you don’t have to believe how good it is from me – you can hear it from the people who’ve tried it for themselves…

Download your free pack at: woodlandtrust.org.uk/bowl


About Angus Yarwood

I am the Woodland Trust Scotland's Government Affairs Manager.
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2 Responses to Spring outside for English class

  1. Jax says:

    My children learn outside lots of the time – they are home educated 🙂 We love the woodland trust resources and use them loads.

  2. karenwilde says:

    We used to have classes outside in our primary school if the weather was good. This meant sitting on damp grass trying to write in books when all we wanted to do was explore!

    This pack is a great idea.

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