Tories’ ‘new age of agriculture’ includes native woods and trees.

At the recent National Farmer’s Union conference the Conservatives’ ‘new age of agriculture’ strategy was launched by Shadow Defra Secretary Nick Herbert and Shadow Agriculture and Rural Affairs Minister, Jim Paice.  

There is a very welcome mention of the benefits of woods and trees in this policy paper.  In particular the paper notes that planting rates have halved in the last ten years and commits to promoting ‘the benefits of trees on farmland in terms of both productivity and the environment’.

We call for all political parties to make planting more native woods and trees a priority in the next Parliament.

The Trust is pleased that this recognises the importance of woodland creation in the farmed environment. We feel this is another important policy document – to add to the Low Carbon Transition Plan, the Read Report, the Liberal Democrats’ Natural Environment Policy Paper ‘Our Natural Heritage’ to give just 3 examples – recognising the important role that woodland creation can have in delivering on a wide range of agendas. 

We are looking forward to woods and trees gettting the priority they deserve at the general election… and beyond. 

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One Response to Tories’ ‘new age of agriculture’ includes native woods and trees.

  1. I am Mr Paice’s independent opponent in South East Cambridgeshire. If the Conservatives mean what they say, it is to be welcomed. My own credentials are OK, for I have made a point of planting trees on all of the farms that I have owned in South East Cambridgeshire and I have always encouraged such as Parish Councils to do the same.

    The Conservatives may be in the right with regard to trees, but I just wish that Mr Paice and his mates would ditch their commitment to bringing back fox hunting, hare coursing, stag hunting, etc. I want many more trees but no fox hunting or hare coursing – ever again.

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