Got a spare few minutes this weekend?

Then why not take action to help protect ancient woodland? 

A few weeks ago we updated readers on the newly published A21 Environmental Impact Assessment released for consultation by the Highways Agency. Since then, the Woods under Threat team has been busily going through the documents to see what we make of the plans and assess the impact on the ancient woodland adjacent to the road. 

Unfortunately the news was not good. There is a loss of around 9 hectares of ancient woodland and the Highways Agency seems to think they can offset any damage caused by creating some new woodland, which is just not true as ancient woodland is irreplaceable. You can find out more about these impacts on our website

The current A21. Photo WTPL (click to enlarge)

The current A21 showing the ancient woodland that closely flanks it. Photo WTPL (click to enlarge)

This is really a very complicated situation, we are very aware of the current traffic issues and do not disagree that a solution needs to be found. At the same time we have serious concerns that this scheme will have a substantial negative impact on the environment yet will only be a short-term fix for the problem. If this was the only development that impacted on ancient woodland it would not be a problem – to date we have 455 ancient woods recorded as under threat from development on our database. 

The Trust has been publicising the scheme with its members and supporters and there has been a really enthusiastic response. A few people have disagreed but the vast majority have voiced their support and concern. Reading peoples’ objection letters is fascinating, you can gain a real insight into how much they value woodland. Many people have gone over and above what we have asked, finding their own additional evidence to support their objections. We are fully appreciative of all the support that we have had. 

We hope that by people objecting to the loss of ancient woodland that the Highways Agency will listen to us and take more steps to protect the ancient woodland. We also hope that they will look seriously at their plans to compensate the loss of ancient woodland and realise that they are insufficient however we need your help and support to do this. 

Take action here


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