The Wave – our ‘trees’ meet Ed Miliband (#5)

In the final of our Wave blog series, here’s a “tree’s-eye” view from the front and a first hand account from our meeting with Ed Miliband before he left for Copenhagen.

Along with our coalition partners RSPB, Tearfund, Christian Aid, National Union of Students, Women’s Institute, Oxfam, the Wildlife Trusts and almost 100 other NGOs, the Stop Climate Chaos delegation led the way to Parliament.

While our members and supporters walked with our trees on the Wave in London on December 5th, the Trust was also represented right at the very front of the march! And behind us were nearly 50,000 people dancing, cheering and waving their way through the streets as they followed.

Our trees were right at the front of the Wave

One of our trees shares the view from the other side:

“The amazing energy of the people behind us really kept up the pace on the march, they knew exactly what they wanted to say and they weren’t afraid to shout it out (ear-splittingly loud!).  Lots of smiles from the Christmas shopping crowds as we passed through Mayfair and Picadilly, and a fair few tourists baffled by the sudden influx of blue (and in our case, leafy) hordes…

“Just when I was staring to feel a bit wilted and prickly inside my tree outfit, Big Ben reared up ahead of us.  Come 3pm we were face to face with a wall of press cameras, and even though the politicians we wanted to speak to were no-where in sight yet we were on the tips of our roots, straining for our place in this little slice of history and trying to keep our wayward flag  in shot as the rain started.

“After the grand WAVE finale at the Houses of Parliament we were whisked into a meeting hall where around 80 of us had been invited  to speak with the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Ed Miliband.  There were some fantastic questions from the floor, Ed seemed genuinely open and is clearly a consummate professional but a couple of the students really had him on the spot!  It was great to see so many organisations, who are justifiably passionate about our own causes, all looking at the big picture and the long term together.  There just wasn’t time for everyone to get their own point of view across but we  finally got our moment at the end of the session, when we personally met with Ed.  He loved our outfits! and we made sure reforestation in the UK stayed on the agenda and left him clutching the Trust’s aspirations for the summit and the action needed ahead.

“I’m glad we kept our costumes on – he’ll remember talking with a couple of dishevelled trees when we meet again to discuss the outcomes from Copenhagen!”

Were YOU at the Wave?

How was your day?

Did you see our trees on the route!

Please share your thoughts and comments with us about the march and Copenhagen here – and we’d love to see your photos!


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