Now we need “credible leadership” from the UK government at Copenhagen.

The anticipation surrounding the most talked-about climate conference to date comes to a head this week, as the final round of UNFCCC talks open in Denmark.  

Dr James Cooper talks to e-Politix

We have been talking to e-Politix, an online forum for MP’s and their advisors, researchers and the political community about what we want to see from Copenhagen.  You can read the full interview with James Cooper, our Head of Government Affairs here. 

Last weekend we were also in London and Glasgow to take part in mass demonstrations organised by the Stop Climate Chaos coalition.  We were joined by our members and supporters and over 50,000 other people, who were all there to march in support of the UK taking leadership at Copenhagen.  On the day of the march we met with Ed Miliband in Parliament afterwards giving him our call to action personally. 

The Trust was there to show support for a good deal for forests everywhere, and to see the UK turn words into action at home as a result.  You can still add your voice to our call to action – email Ed and Gordon Brown yourself today!


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