A wet and wild day at South Rannoch Wood

A wet ATH day in Rannoch

A wet Ancient Tree Hunt day in South Rannoch Wood

We would like to send a big thank you to the 21 people who turned out on the 1st of November, a rather wet and windy Sunday for our Ancient Tree Hunt  (ATH) Day. The going was slow, covering just a square kilometre between us – hampered by the sheer number of large trees to be found! We mapped 58 in total, a mix of Oak, Birch, Scots Pine and even a couple of Beech – is this a record haul? Hopefully our ATH colleagues can tell us. It could probably hold the record for the wettest Ancient Tree Hunt ever!

To help us confirm the age of the trees found by our intrepid hunters we commissioned dendrochronologist Coralie Mills to core some of the trees we found. Coring trees is much harder than it looks – so thanks to Colin who did much of the hard work! We now have to wait a few weeks for the results but they will be invaluable in helping us learn more about the woodland’s history. This will mean we can tie the trees with what we know of the land use of the area and the history of the neighbouring Black Wood of Rannoch.

A public meeting to discuss the proposed development at Dall took place on 19th of November, chaired by Pete Wishart, MP for Perth and North Perthshire. Over 100 people from Dall, Kinloch Rannoch and the surrounding areas came to hear and ask questions of the Dall Community Association, Loch Rannoch Conservation Association, Prof Gavin McCrone and DPP – the agents for the developer, Mr James.

It was great to see that the overwhelming view of those attending was that the development currently proposed for Dall and the surrounding woodlands was inappropriate. Most of the issues that concerned the local community seem to be the scale of the proposal, the environmental impact on both the woodland and loch and the access issues, both for locals and the visiting tourists.


About Angus Yarwood

I am the Woodland Trust Scotland's Government Affairs Manager.
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