All-new discussion space gets our Facebook fans talking!

Exploring what social networking sites have to offer has been an interesting way for us to reach new and different audiences with our campaign messages. At this stage, our new media of choice is Facebook. And as our pages speed towards almost 1,000 ‘friends’ between them, we are seeing more interaction from people who care about woods and trees, or are worried about the woods in their neighbourhoods.

Our WoodWatch Facebook page can be an especially useful tool for spreading the word quickly about your campaign or for asking other people what they know about an issue you have heard about. It can be great for targeting specific geographical areas of the UK with messages about local woods at risk and sharing photos and videos of your activities.

There are 3 different ways you can talk to the Campaigns team on Facebook:

  1. Become a fan of our Campaigns page – for updates and actions you can take to support the Trust’s campaigning work to protect the UK’s woods and trees;
  2. Join us as a fan on our WoodWatch page – to meet other WoodWatchers, share experiences and promote your local campaigns;
  3. Make friends with Oak Tree – the world’s first ‘twittering’ tree, now newly on Facebook and looking for some pals!

Our new WoodWatch discussion boards have brought up topics such as trees alongside railways, funghi decline and local woods under threat issues… What do you want to talk about?

Join us!
Are you on facebook already? Search for these usernames below and choose ‘become a fan’ to add us to your friends and group pages.

If you, like Oak Tree, are new to Facebook simply visit this link below and create a short profile:

Then go get some friends! Search for the usernames below (or click the text to go straight to each page)     






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