Ancient woodland is on tour!

In the last decade 100 square miles (26,000 hectares) of ancient woodland in the UK has come under threat from destruction or degradation, equivalent to an area the size of Birmingham.  At over 400 years old ancient woodland is our equivalent to the rainforest, so you’d think it was considered to be as precious: yet every week our team learns of yet another threat.  The ‘Ancient Woodland Farewell Tour’ aims to highlight the serious loss of ancient woodland that we are still experiencing across the UK. 

Forced from their home by plans for a second runway at Stansted, the ‘trees’ of ancient Philipland Wood have taken to the streets in despair.  They have been travelling around the country to find a safe wood to live in… only to find woods are under threat everywhere they go!  

Have you seen this tree?

Have you seen this tree?

Our trees realise they urgently need help to protect today’s woods from a similar dreadful fate.  They will be talking to all the new friends they meet on their travels and asking them to be ‘WoodWatchers’ – WoodWatchers are people who keep an eye out for their local woods and trees and are ready to take action to protect them when they are threatened: think neighbourhood watch… only for woods and trees.  In fact, think neighbourWood Watch!

As the UK’s most valuable space for wildlife, ancient woodland is home to more rare and threatened species than any other UK habitat and is truly irreplaceable… If you love trees as much as we do then then you can be a WoodWatcher too – sign up on Facebook and find out more our website.


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