Government’s low carbon plan is a step forward for woodland creation

Some good news to report from the government’s low carbon plans!

 The importance of creating  new woodland has taken a step forward in public policy terms in England this week – yesterday (Wed 15 July) the Government launched their Low Carbon Transition Plan which details Government plans to reduce our carbon emissions.  In it there is a very positive section about woodland creation which is a real shift in emphasis compared with other statements about woodland creation in England made over the past 2-3 years.

In summary, the woodland section in the Plan says that woodland creation is a cost effective way of tackling climate change, that it also provides a raft of other benefits, and that if we achieved 10,000 ha per annum of new planting 50 million tonnes of carbon could be stored. By not planting more woods our ability to store carbon will fall.  Private finance is seen as the way forward in accelerating woodland creation – no surprise that government money won’t be forthcoming but our newly launched Woodland Carbon product is the perfect way to engage companies in generating such funds.

Paul Granger MP enjoys Londonthorpe Wood. Photo: WTPL

Enjoying one of our woodland creation sites at Londonthorpe Wood. Photo: WTPL/Fiona Granger.

What was particularly exciting for us was that the plan was launched on the same day that we held a major woodland creation reception at Westminster, kindly hosted by Peter Luff MP!  

Of course this is but one step forward on the road to achieving our ambitions but this announcement signals a shift in the way woodland creation is perceived in England and can only help us in our advocacy, fundraising and outreach work.  While we can’t  claim direct credit for this timely Government announcement I’d like to think that our constant engagement with FC on woodland creation over the past 3-5 years had some effect and this government document represents a slightly unexpected but nonetheless visible outcome of our attempts over many years to have woodland creation taken far more seriously.
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