World leading Climate Change Bill passed

Well done Stop Climate Chaos Scotland!

Well done Stop Climate Chaos Scotland!

Yesterday the Scottish Parliament led the world by passing the strongest climate change legislation of any industrialised nation! The message is simple: lead by example, don’t wait to be led.

Watch the BBC News coverage of the historic day

I for one can say I’m proud. In this year of the 10th anniversary of Scottish devolution, the passing of the Climate Change (Scotland) Bill is a great success for Scotland and the UK. MSPs from across the political spectrum have tackled the difficult issues before them and have sent a strong signal out ahead of the Copenhagen talks in December.

MSPs voted in favour of legislation that commits Scotland to:
  • at least 80% cuts of all greenhouse gases by 2050;
  • a 2020 target of at least 42% reduction in greenhouse gases;
  • include the full effects of emissions from international aviation and shipping from the start;
  • a strong duty on all public bodies to make a full contribution to tackling climate change; and
  • strong energy efficiency measures to tackle fuel poverty and save energy.

It was a dramatic week with the Government changing its mind on the interim target in order to raise the opposition’s amendment on the reduction of greenhouse gases from a 40% cut to a 42% by 2020. That’s the kind of U-turn that they should be congratulated for – and that doesn’t happen often in politics.

The Stop Climate Chaos Scotland coalition, of which the Woodland Trust are members, have done an amazing job. I’ve been very impressed with the coordinated and effective lobbying we’ve carried out and want to send our thanks to all involved at SCCS for a job very well done!


About Angus Yarwood

I am the Woodland Trust Scotland's Government Affairs Manager.
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  1. Kaye says:

    If you are on Facebook you can read a short note from Nottinghamshire Greenpeace on this achievement here >

    Tell us what you think too!

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