WoodWatchers in action..

The potential loss of some locally important trees in Sleaford to make way for a new link road is causing quite a stir and at the Woodland Trust we have been watching the progress of the case closely. Although – as we just do not have the resources to challenge every application threatening trees we must focus on threats to ancient woodland – we were unable to become directly involved ourselves  we have offered advice to the local campaign group who have been working hard to fight the development plans.

We were all dismayed to see that planning permission has eventually been granted despite the hard work of the local group.  You can read more about this in the Sleaford Standard and also look in detail at the plans through the North Kesteven Council website.

This is exactly the kind of activity we want to encourage – fighting for the rights of your local trees and woods!

If you are fighting to save your local woodland and trees have a look at our WoodWatch Website where you can find some good advice on running a local campaign.

Roads can threaten trees and woods

Roads can threaten trees and woods


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  1. Kaye Brennan says:

    PS: A great way to meet other WoodWatchers is on Facebook: we have set up a dedicated page to help people who care about their local woods and trees chat to other people who has local woods at risk or have saved their woods from threats. You can get first-hand advice and inspiration on how to beat the developer! Plus lots of resources for running campaigns, and there are even small grants available : http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/pages/Woodland-Trust-Woodwatch/87444170369?ref=ts

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