Another ancient woodland saved in Scotland

Our second Scottish success for ancient woodland this week (!) comes in the form of a rejected application for a wind farm within the heart of woodland at Monthreamont Moor, Angus.  Read the full press release on this case in our media blog.

This application was for a large wind farm of 11 turbines that was to be built in the middle of a woodland.  We are not against wind as a source of clean, renewable energy; but we can only support energy generation projects where their siting will not destroy or damage ancient and long-established, vulnerable woodland.  

Monthreamont Moor remains

Monthreamont Moor remains

The Trust is very aware of the energy crisis that is being faced by the UK.  We believe that we should be moving towards renewable sources of energy which will allow the replacement of fossil fuels and avoid release of ancient stocks of carbon accumulated over millions of years.  We do not believe that the destruction of a valuable and irreplaceable habitat such as ancient woodland is a sustainable method to address the challenges of energy generation and climate change that we are facing.    

The Woodland Trust believes that climate change poses the biggest long-term threat to ancient woodland.  To ensure that the wildlife within has a chance to adapt to the climate changes that are already happening, what remaining valuable woodland habitats we have left need to be buffered, enhanced and protected.  The issues that surround renewable energy generation are never simple, but we are happy with the decision made here.


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2 Responses to Another ancient woodland saved in Scotland

  1. Congratulations on your success!

  2. Robert Geake says:

    What did you blame loss of Ancient Forest on _before_ the AGW appeared???

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