Climate Change Rally in Edinburgh

We have been collecting messages from people who couldn't make it on the day to share, too.

We have been collecting messages from people who couldn't make it on the day to share, too.

Over 600 people turned out in front of the Scottish Parliament in the beautiful Edinburgh sunshine today. Their message to MSPs was simple; they must pass a world leading Climate Change (Scotland) Bill before Copenhagen.

The Stop Climate Chaos Scotland coalition rally was held just two days before the TICC Committee of the Scottish Parliament is due to publish its Stage 1 report on the Bill.  There was a great atmosphere from the crowd and over 30 MSPs turned out along with other parliamentary staff, reports and chief executives from Scotland’s leading charities and faith groups.

Representatives from all the political parties made strong speeches and the flavour was very much that action is needed now, not in the future.

The Woodland Trust Scotland is an active member of the coalition and we joined the rally to support them in commending the Scottish Government for showing leadership and committing to at least 80% cuts in greenhouse gases by 2050 in the Bill.

However, if we are to really tackle climate change, we need to act urgently so there are three main things that the Bill needs to address:

  • Statutory annual reductions in greenhouse gas emissions of at least 3% year on year starting now
  • The inclusion of emissions from international aviation and shipping from the beginning
  • Ensure that the action to tackle climate change takes place in Scotland and is not ‘bought in’ from overseas.

You can read more about the coalition and the policy briefings we have put together by visiting our coalition partner’s website

About Angus Yarwood

I am the Woodland Trust Scotland's Government Affairs Manager.
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