BAA must sell Stansted – why do you need a new runway then?

The Competition Commission’s report into BAA’s ownership of multiple airports has concluded that BAA must sell Stansted, Gatwick and one of Edinburgh or Glasgow airports.  They have two years to sell off Stansted and interestingly the Commission has not insisted any new buyer proceed with BAA’s plans for a destructive second runway at the airport.

BAA plans to build a new runway to the east of the existing runway. This would cause destruction of six ancient woodland sites covering 20 hectares. The Woodland Trust objects to the plans for a second runway because of the damage that would be caused to the ancient woods and ancient trees that surround the airport and because of the climate change impacts of the plans.
Stop Stansted Expansion's BAA monopoly beer mat

Stop Stansted Expansion's BAA monopoly beer mat

The fact that the Competition Commission is demanding the airport be sold surely means that BAA should now wake up and smell the coffee.  The Commission’s decision means that BAA can’t use profits from Heathrow to fund the expansion plans at other airports and at least one of the prospective buyers for Stansted does not want the second runway proposed by BAA, added to this the airlines don’t want a second runway either.

Hazel Blears, Community Secretary recently announced the public inquiry into the second runway would be postponed until the Competition Commission announced its findings. Now it has, it surely makes sense to abandon the charade and cancel the public inquiry allowing BAA to abandon these absurd proposals gracefully.

About Ed Pomfret

Head of campaigns at the Woodland Trust. I run our campaigning work on issues such as climate change, aviation, planning reform and woods under threat.
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5 Responses to BAA must sell Stansted – why do you need a new runway then?

  1. Kaye Brennan says:

    Thanks for your comment Robbie – there is more up to date news on what’s going on at Stansted now, since the Compatition Commission Appeal, and also our posts re: Gatwick (where the Trust owns some of the ancient woodland that could be affected by an expansion) and Heathrow that you might also be interested in, in our ‘Aviation’ category here:

  2. Robbie says:

    I hope BAA do sell Stansted. They don’t know how to run airports and that’s why Glasgow, Stansted and even Heathrow are falling massivly behind. Stansted handled less than 20 million passengers in 2009 and that’s because BAA won’t lower airport taxes at the largest low-cost carrier base in Britain. Basically they want to treble the size of Stansted, which they can’t with airlines moving out because their airport is too expensive. We need a company to own Stansted that will lower airport costs so that it can continue to grow like it did before airport taxes were rose by BAA. I would like Stansted to grow to around 30 million passengers a year, but not to 70 million, I’m against the second runway and terminal but would still like to see alot of growth from Stansted, which won’t happen with BAA owning it.

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  4. Julia Welchman says:

    Dear Paul, and all , Watch out for an EDM from Susan Kramer MP, supported by John Mcdonnell MP and Justine GreeningMP , Colin Challen MP, Note,all parties represented, seeking to deal with the loss of human habitat due to Heathrow NOW, and Expansion Planned.
    That in respect of Children unable to use their school grounds appropriately or even hear their teachers indoors and out ,all airport expansion plans should be deferred until, and unless these pollution impacts are overcome.
    I am glad so many are working to protect our small space on the ground, and the huge space above….do BAA own the skies and the rights of way therin?
    Save our Skies for Life on Earth, I want a web site to deal with this..any offer?

  5. Paul de Zylva says:

    There’s a short, simple answer to this. And it is that BAA plc will make more money from an airport with planning permission for a new runway than without.

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