Pete Postlethwaite challenges Government on climate

The Age of Stupid People’s Premiere last night was confirmed as the biggest simultaneous film premiere in history. It was a great event – at the Bristol Longwell Vue cinema we had a sold out cinema where we were all able to follow the events from Leicester Square live before and after the film.

A packed Bristol Longwell cinema for the Age of Stupid

A packed Bristol Longwell cinema for the Age of Stupid

The film itself is really powerful and has had a big effect on everyone I’ve met who’s seen it so far. I thought it was an excellent demonstration of why we need to act on climate change now.

We saw various celebs arrive by low carbon transport and come down the green carpet including Gillian Anderson, Will Young, Ken Livingstone and Jason Isaacs. We also saw an announcement by the President of the Maldives that his country will go zero carbon by 2020 – as Mark Lynas said at the premiere this is a game-changing announcement in the run up to Copenhagen.

One of the most interesting things that happened in Leicester square was the moment that Pete Postlethwaite and the film’s direct Franny Armstrong cornered Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband and Pete pledged to give back his OBE if the Government approved a new coal-fired power station at Kingsnorth. You can see a video of that moment here

If you haven’t seen it yet check out the UK cinema release this coming weekend – find out where you can see it at
Go and see it if you can and take your friends and family.

The Woodland Trust is supporting the Not Stupid campaign which aims to get 250 million people involved in taking action on climate change in the run up to Copenhagen.

Have you seen the film – what do you think? Let us know…


About Ed Pomfret

Head of campaigns at the Woodland Trust. I run our campaigning work on issues such as climate change, aviation, planning reform and woods under threat.
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